“We work with tomorrow’s customers today” 
“We work with tomorrow’s customers today” 

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Not sure which package you need? Or would you like something bespoke to include email, design, print or advertising? 
No problem drop us a line, and one of Far-Red®'s consultants will meet with you to discuss your specific social media and digital needs and objectives. We want to understand your business first, then we can create a strategy and support package to match your needs. 
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1) I haven’t got any social media accounts set up for my business 
A) Don’t worry we can create and brand them for you 
2) I do not understand how social media works in business 
A) Our team create strategy for all business sectors in social 
3) I haven’t got time to use social media properly 
A) Take the easy option, get experts to manage it while you do your day job 
4) I do not know what or how to post to engage customers 
A) Our social media consultants are experts in digital content marketing 
5) I do not know when to post 
A) We use data to help us maximize our posting schedule 
6) I am not sure what social channels or platforms are best for my business 
A) Our social media consultants will advise you here, no problem. 
7) I want to advertise but I don’t know how 
A) Our team can design and place your ads on the best channels 
8) I want to increase my website traffic 
A) Social media helps organic search results by building backlinks 
9) I want to showcase my products more 
A) Yes good idea, we can tell you how and manage a social strategy 
10) I want to explain why my business is good 
A) Yes that is really important, but you need some marketing nous 
11) I want to look better than my competition 
A) We can take a look at how you stack up and create a strategy to build your company reputation 
12 ) I do not know how to use social media to increase my sales 
A) Social needs to be integrated and work alongside your marketing 
13 ) I want to build my business reputation 
A) This will take time, but you need to start and stay with it! 
14 ) I want or promote our business professionally 
A) What you need is expert, honest advice. We can help. 
15 ) I want to target and reach new customers 
A) Social and digital has a fantastic way to attract and target your exact customers anywhere in the world! At any time! 
16) I want more sales 
A) Social media strategy will deliver more sales leads for you.